Based in Leicestershire and established in 2017, we have become a prominent provider of high end designer fashion for very competitive prices. Our main line of products include luxury trainers, clothes and accessories.

We started off simply buying items from department stores that we believed were underpriced and we could sell for a profit, then slowly built up a network of suppliers and clients throughout Europe and beyond. It became apparent that luxury items could be obtained at much lower prices and the door opened for us to progress. An organic social media following soon started to increase and Notorious Plug was growing in to the designer clothing market. 

Thanks to our loyal customers, excellent number of positive reviews and a genuine desire to provide a top quality experience, we have been able to grow in to a business with an annual turnover of over £2m with the end target of becoming a leading name in the high end fashion market. 

100% authenticity is absolutely essential to our business and always guaranteed when buying from us. We are proud of our reputation in this category as being experts in legitimacy and will continue to do so. 

Offering exceptional standards of customer service is what sets us apart from other fashion stores, as well as maintaining lower profit margins to ensure the best value and experience for all of our customers.